Leather dining benches for your living room or dining room

Minimalist banquettes and benches in Scandinavian style

Dining benches are the best choice when you want to fit more people at your table.

Dining benches are just as popular in traditional style kitchens as they are in elegant and refined dining rooms. A buffalo leather dining bench with industrial legs will always be a perfect match for an industrial table.

A buffalo leather dining bench is also a good option, especially if you need more space for people around the table.

If you want a splash of color, add a soft velvet contrast to the industrial look: the industrial table with blue velvet chairs .

Industrial style doesn't just have to be about thick black legs, it can also be an elegant interpretation of this loft style interior. Pair sumptuously upholstered dining chairs with a polished metal or thin coated steel to your industrial or oak dining table to add a calming contrast to the space.

A velvet dining chair in a rich color will light up the space, such as blue, green or even yellow.

If you prefer something more classic, stick to neutral shades like cream, taupe or a soft gray. And of course, always think about who will be sitting in the seats before making a purchase.

If you're concerned about how to care for your upholstered dining room chairs, think about color and texture and what works best in your home.

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